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You're about to discover the only fat loss system you will ever need. The Venus Fat Loss System has been painstakingly designed by leading experts in female nutrition, biology and endocrinology. Finally you have access to a blueprint for fat loss which has been designed for the female body: for your body! Our Fat Loss System is fuss-free, uncomplicated and easy to follow. But the science is far from basic. It'll feel easy as the fat melts off, but the theories behind the results are intricate. That's why our team of experts have handpicked the latest research and techniques and packaged them in this step by step guide. You'll discover exactly what to do to create your own fat melting metabolism which burns like a furnace day after day. We've left no stone unturned because we want you to have access to a precise fat loss plan designed for the female body (and the female mind). You're going to be blown away by the amount of information in the Venus Index Fat Loss System. It's all here. How to calculate your daily macronutrient intake and discover the foods and meal frequency which works best for you. Why fat loss for women and men differs (and how you can work it to your advantage). The surprising lifestyle issues which might be holding you back from losing body fat. As well as John Barban's 12-week nutrition plan, you'll learn about foods which slam the brakes on female fat loss (prepare to be surprised!), you'll discover how to manipulate cheat meals to actually lose more fat and find out which common nutrient women are deficient in (clue: raising your intake will almost immediately boost fat burning, mood and energy!)


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