Venus Factor Coaching Program

If you’re ready to make a real commitment to getting the body you want and deserve but you’re not sure if you can do it, then a Venus coach is the best investment you will ever make for your success.

You see weight loss isn’t just a physical process, it’s a holistic process for your mind, body and spirit. It truly is a transformation in every sense of the word. Most diet programs neglect these other two critical factors and a a result they fail and rebound weight gain is almost inevitable.

With the Venus coaching program you will learn to make a holistic lifestyle change that encompasses all aspects including nutrition, exercise, stress, rest, sleep and any other lifestyle factors that can and will help you with your success. It’s not just an ‘eat this not that’ program. It’s a new way of looking at diet and fitness and a new way of living your life... a better way, the venus way!

John Barban

Every Venus coach has gone through their own transformation so they are guiding you from both experience and expert knowledge. This also means your coach knows exactly what you’re going through and understands the challenges your facing.

This coaching program is NOT for you if

  • You know you can successfully lose weight without the guidance of an experienced coach
  • You are in complete control of your nutrition and exercise program and are ready to just ‘get started’ on your own
  • You’ve done this before are confident you can do it again
  • You do better facing challenges like weight loss alone instead of with a coach

This coaching program is for you if

  • You want to lose a significant amount of weight but have failed to do so on your own
  • You have yo-yo dieted in the past and want to finally lose the weight and keep it off for good
  • You want your weight loss to go faster than you’ve ever thought possible
  • You’re ready to make a change but don’t know where to start or how to make your weight loss a reality
  • You’re frustrated and feel like nothing is going to work for you
  • You’ve tried and failed with everything else and don’t know what else to do

Why is it Different

  • You should never take weight loss advice from someone who hasn’t successfully lost weight themselves. With the venus coaching program you can be assured your coach is speaking from experience and not just repeating a theory they read about in book or some sort of certification course. Every one of our coaches has been where you are and have successfully lost weight and kept it off. Your coach will provide both technical expertise and a wealth of experience from the time they spent losing weight.

Here’s what you get

  • Customization to your nutrition program
  • Customization to your exercise program
  • Bi-weekly evaluations and program adjustments
  • Ongoing education in both nutrition and exercise
  • Support and guidance through any roadblocks life will throw at you
  • Expertise to become an expert at weight loss and keeping the weight off
  • Control over your diet and exercise life and your body
John Barban

If your coach hasn’t been through their own transformation how could they possibly guide you through yours?

Every one of our coaches including me has gone through a transformation and we use this knowledge to teach you how to achieve the same amazing results. This personal experience is what uniquely qualifies us to give you the very best guidance.

We live and breathe this lifestyle every day and know how to make it a reality for you too. There is simply no substitute for experience.

John Barban
John Barban

How does it work

You will have your coach for a minimum of 12-weeks. You can choose to join the contest with the guidance of your coach or you can simply follow your coaches guidance for the duration of the 12 weeks without entering any contests. If you choose to join the contest your coach will also guide you on taking before and after pictures.

Your coach will use any and all of the Venus exercise and nutrition programs to customize a program for you. You will stay in contact with your coach directly via email.

Meet our coaches

“A Venus coach knows that each person is unique and will take a genuine interest in you because she knows that she cannot ever separate your athletic ability with who you are as a person.

Most of us have better success at realizing our dreams with the help and support from another successful person…our most successful Venus winners knew this and benefited from the help of a coach.”

Roberta Saum

Roberta Saum

Liss Graham

Liss Graham

“There are 3 main drivers of successful transformations:

  1. inner drive & motivation
  2. a system that works
  3. accountability & support

You are at Venus because you have #1 covered, our coaching program is here to provide you with #2 and #3. We all have done what you are setting out to do and have successfully maintained it and helped coach countless other Venus success stories. Commit to doing something that WILL work for you, do not wait another second.”

"Coaching takes accountability and individualization to another level. We all have different challenges along the way and having a coach that has been through the process is priceless. A coach can provide a more tailored approach to diet and fitness. An approach that comes from personal attention and learning more about your strengths and weaknesses. It is an investment in yourself and a commitment to the process. If you are interested in preparing for our transformation contests, who better to prepare you than the coaches that have been through the process multiple times and helped shape the current protocols.

Jenny Weaks

Jenny Weaks

For me personally, having a coach or mentor during the process was most important when I doubted myself or when I plateaued. That is the point when most people give up and having someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of really kept me on track."

Success Stories

Kathryn Armstrong
Kathryn A.

"I never thought my body could look like this, and I definitely couldn’t have done it without a venus coach. Now I feel like I am in complete control of my body, nutrition and fitness and that I can achieve whatever goal I set my mind to!"

"I do not think I would have been as successful as I was with the Venus Factor without a coach. Having Liss as my coach was an incredible asset that I took full advantage of. I was able to ask questions at any point in my journey and get the right answers I needed; anything from what to eat, to how the workouts are supposed to be done. Liss was a wealth of knowledge that I trusted completely. My favorite part about having a coach was the accountability, I knew she truly cared about my success in the program, therefore I didn’t want to let her down and more importantly let me down. I wanted to give it that extra push because I knew she would be waiting to see my results from the previous week. I would most definitely recommend a coach to someone else in their weight loss journey; no matter if they wanted to lose 10lbs or 100lbs, a coach is the perfect addition to the Venus Factor program!"

Diana Gann
Diana G.
Heather Norris
Heather N.

"I’ve discovered that even though my body has changed from child birth I’ve never developed the muscles in my abs like I have with the Venus workout. I love feeling confident in the clothes I wear and the compliments I get from my family and friends."

"I hate cardio. I do three to four Venus workouts a week, in 30-45 minutes depending on the day, and that fits into my life. That’s what makes Venus my lifestyle, it is adaptable, it is flexible, and I am in control. I can now balance food, exercise, work, children, and social events; navigate emotions, motivations, relationships, and negativity with confidence. I have confidence and comfort, not only in my appearance, but also in my abilities and myself. I am Venus."

Erin Martin
Erin M.
Ana Gomez
Ana G.

"The good part of having a coach is that you feel you have her in front of you having a conversation, you ask, and have a response almost immediately. I definitely recommend someone else that register to the contest, to have a coach. through the 12-week of the contest, it’s a terrific help. Having a coach helps you to not give up so easy. I definitely loved the experience"

"As of today, my 50th birthday, I’m in the best shape of my life. It honestly sounded too good to be true. Eating what my family is eating had been non-existent for 4 years. The freedom within this has drawn even my older children to it."

Pam McCawley
Pam M.
Julie Johansen
Julie J.

"With consistent effort, my progress is assured now that I’m experiencing how to effectively manage my three big “M’s”: my mouth, my muscles and my mind. I feel so appreciative that Venus has given me the truth and the tools to make these changes permanent!"

"In the end, I am completely shocked by the outcome! I have never been so confident in a bikini in my life! The best part is that without knowing it, not only was I losing fat throughout the program, but I started building muscle and a shape that I have never seen before and didn’t even know I had!"

Michelle Hahn
Michelle H.
Nadjia Kitchen
Nadjia K.

"One of the best things I have learned from my coach is to trust my instincts. Anytime I have tried to overanalyze my plan, she helped me to remember to keep it simple, and listen to my body."

If you’re serious about getting the body you want then it’s time to make an investment in yourself with a Venus coach.

You have two payment options for you convenience:

Option #1

Option #2



per month for 3 months




one payment of $497 ($100 discount)


Let’s get started on your new body today!

We will be committed to your success as long as you are.

If you choose the monthly payment option, we require a minimum non-refundable four week commitment ($197). If you do not want to continue past four weeks, you must notify us before your fourth week ends to have the remaining payments cancelled.

If you choose the paid in full option we require a minimum four week commitment equivalent to the monthly first payment option of $197. If you do not want to continue past the first four weeks, you must request your balance to be refunded before the end of the 4th week.