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It’s your Venus Coaches, Jenny, Roberta and Liss.



And this week we told the boys to go eat their Turkey’s and take a nap. Because we have a secret invitation we want to give you. We want to invite you to OUR family.

We will be honest, our family just may be a little less stressful than some of your crazy family members you might be dealing with this Holiday Season.

And you may have to go easy on us, this is the first time we have EVER done anything like this. So we are going to talk candidly to you straight from the heart.

You see, the 4 of us are success stories with Venus. All of us started as trouble case nervous new clients then we blossomed into Venus Transformation Winners and now seasoned Venus coaches.

Truly, Venus has been utterly life changing for the 4 of us. And it’s also been life-changing to whom we call our “Sisters.” You see, we have a little secret that fuels our success. That takes a hopeless case and transforms her into a Venus Goddess Transformation Winner.

A little secret that makes us forget what it’s like to be worrying about keeping the weight off once we lose it. Plus it’s the same secret that makes us drop the weight fast and to possess the body we dream of.

Our unique Family of Sisters?

Venus Immersion

Hey it’s Jenny here.

I’ve been with Venus since 2012.

Now maybe like you, when I first got Venus I was worried it wouldn’t work for me. I was scared it may have been just another fad diet or some complicated “lifestyle” change that would not work for a busy working mom of 4 like myself (plus my awesome dog and hermit crab).

I had yo-yo’ed enough with other diets.

Well scared to go it alone and feeling a bit overwhelmed, and to give my chance of getting the body I desired bit more hope… I decided to join Immersion on a whim. I figured why not? - I get access to exclusive audio lessons with John Barban and Brad Pilon. And as I found out, listening to those lessons, you tap into powerful fat loss secrets making it even EASIER and FASTER to reach your goals.

On top of that, the community forum sounded like it could be a great place to get support for my weight loss goals, and to ask questions… cause sister I had plenty with my fears.

“It was the best decision of my life!”

I found IMMENSE strength, and motivation inside the vibrant compassionate community. Best of all, I could get answers from REAL women on how to make it work. It was the kind of support I needed to make Venus work for me.

I could easily see, even in my day -- that still has me wishing for 36 hours in day -- how I could make Venus work FOR me.

I got little tips and insights on the forum that made all the difference in the world on my transformational journey.

Plus I could discuss my fears in a safe place.

Because let’s face it, we will face challenges. And well, holding those challenges in – only makes it more overwhelming. However, with the community, I could express myself on the blog, or in the forum and keep going towards my goals.

Which I say I reached my goals in about half the time I would of, if I had gone it alone.


Much agreed Jenny.

It's Roberta here.

As Jenny said, joining Immersion makes it EASY to hit your goals. Because if you’re anything like me you want to CUT through nonsense and get a formula that works for you. Especially if you’re close to my age… I’m pushing 55 and at my age, Immersion gave me the support needed to hit my goals.

I know I am a very no-nonsense woman. And John Barban’s no-nonsense approach to what works and what doesn’t, is what attracted me to Venus in the first place.

Because I had HAD it with systems that had some overly enthusiastic Richard Simmons screaming and yelling while I got nowhere. Or some “guru” who would be too nice to tell me the truth I NEEDED to here for fear of offending me. Or some woo-woo guru with some hair-brained theory.

Well, with Immersion, EVERYTHING became crystal clear. I could easily see how unrestrictive the nutrition plan was and how to use a formula that would work FOR me.

It was as if Immersion tailored Venus right to my schedule and lifestyle.

Plus, being in the Sheriff Reserves, I wanted a pragmatic system that worked efficiently. One that burned off fat while I sat in the squad car for most of the day. Well with the clarity you get with John Barban and Brad Pilon in the Modules inside Immersion, without thinking about it I made better choices in my diet.

No longer was I fooled by some silly fad diet that only leaves women frustrated. Not only that, but I got workouts that quickly sculpted my dream body. And more important, has MAINTAINED my dream body for years.

I don’t have to give second thought about keeping the weight off. Maintaining is SO easy.

Plus being in Immersion unleashed a confidence in me I never knew I had. Instead of hiding behind others, I finally transformed into the women I always wanted to be but because of my image I never thought I could be.

I went from 171 pounds to a slim and trim 114.

And the others I used to hide behind, and maybe was a little bit envious of… well… let’s just say the tables have turned and now THEY are dying to know what my secret is.


And speaking of escalators, I was hoping to never go shopping again for another “diet”or “system” again.

Liss here...

My issue was rebound weight gain.

And I’m not sure how it happened but the endless diet rollercoaster started for me around my freshman year of high school. And that rollercoaster kept going till I found Venus.

Not only that but, personally, during those long arduous roller coaster years, I felt like I wasn’t good enough for my husband. He is a dashing man, and I felt like I was letting him AND myself down.

I wanted to set a great example too for my kids.

Oh and that’s another thing – the baby weight. I thought after my last ankle biter, it would NEVER go away. And believed that’s just the way it was.

Well… I kept trying program after program after program.

Diet after diet after diet.

NOTHING worked.

I would yo-yo right back and just feel embarrassed and ashamed.

When I got Venus, I was excited. It was simple and I could make it work. However I had one big dreaded fear?

“How Do I KEEP It Off?”

I got quick results with Venus. And I signed up for a transformation contest to get my butt in gear. Though I was dreading the end of the contest, fearing it would just come piling right back on.

Well, to be honest, the forum was there with me every step of the way.

When I had fears or doubts, I posted it. No doubt I was timid to do so. But then my Venus sister’s came through. With valuable tips and insights that made hitting my transformation goals a heck ofa lot easier. What made it truly special, was that it’s the support that only one woman can give to another woman.

Absolutely I love the audio lessons and the new workouts each month too – but without that support I don’t think I would have seen how easy it actually is to keep the weight off.

And I visit Jenny often. As well as see the rest of my sister’s on our Annual Venus Immersion trip that is probably my favorite vacation of the year. Even my hubby loves those trips. It really is such a special community.

Well it’s all of us again…

As you can see we can’t say enough good things about Venus Immersion.

And we could go on and on and on.

Venus Immersion contains 14 Modules.

Each module walks you through step-by-step starting with “Getting Back To Basics” to give you a simple secret you probably never would think of in order to achieve quick success.

Plus you get a new workout, and some meal plans. From snacks, to recipes to Meals on a Budget you are never alone.

The modules contain an instantly downloadable audio lesson. And you can even get them right on your Venus app.

It’s like having John Barban and Brad Pilon personally coach you.

And for 14 modules… you won’t have to go anywhere else.

You won’t need another program, diet or anything.

It’s all taken care of for you.

Plus – as we have so passionately pointed out, you can always get your questions answered on the forum.

The forum truly is an incredibly vibrant community. It’s fun, endearing, and just so compassionate. Lasting friendships have been made. And we love meeting you on the Annual Venus Immersion Trip. Which is really a fun vacation.

The community is the “secret” behind Venus.

It motivates you towards your goals.

It removes any feeling of being overwhelmed. No matter what your story, we have seen an incredible amount of inspiring stories from women of all walks of life, ages, shapes and sizes.

Your success is ensured with Venus Immersion.

And right now you can join our marvelous family for FREE, for 30 days.

And after that it’s only $79 a month but it’s worth every penny… for keeping the weight off and to really stay in our little Venus Club. You can cancel at anytime if you think it’s not for you.

But we doubt you will.

Because in our humble but accurate opinion it’s the best “club” around, and there is nothing else like it. ;)

Now our invitation for you ends at 11:59 PM on Friday the 27th.

After that the doors close and we have no idea IF they can be opened again.

You see we close the doors to keep it intimate so we can be candid with each other.

And right now you can try it out for free for 30 days…

You have nothing to lose.

We’d love to see you in our family! Now we’re not salespeople but we can tell you this… for us and so many others, joining Venus Immersion was one of the best decisions of our lives.

And we know it will be for you as well.

Right now is the time to act. These Holidays can be stressful. Our weight can slip away from us. And by the time we hit 2016 we are stressed out and scrambling to “start all over”.

But with Immersion, you can join us, and make this Holiday Season great and make 2016 your best health year yet!

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then $79/mo

Look you may be on the fence about this. And we understand. But you can go it alone, without the support of a caring community of women who “have been there” before.

And try to have the willpower to soldier through the holidays, worry about your weight, and go it all alone. I’m sure you can realize going it alone every time is a struggle.

Sometimes all we need is a little bit of help.

And right now for free for 30 days you can join us – and get the support you need to achieve your goals faster and possess your beautiful Venus body for good!

You have nothing to lose, well except the weight of course. ;)

Join us inside Immersion and make 2016 your best year yet!

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