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Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist FAQ:

1. What's my recommended calorie intake mean? Do I have to eat this low to get results?

The recommended calorie intake for weight loss is the MINIMUM number of calories we think you can safely eat to promote maximum fat loss within the structure of the Venus Factor 12 Week Protocol. You don't have to eat at this number every day if it feels too low. Eating any amount below the 'maintenance' calorie number will produce weight loss (however it may not happen as quickly). This number is set as your lower limit and thus is also the number that should produce the most rapid weight loss results.

2. Can I use the VFVN with my current diet plan or eating style? (Answer is yes, obviously)

Yes you can use the Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist calorie and protein numbers with any eating style i.e: vegetarian, intermittent fasting, 16-8 approach etc. The one thing we would recommend is that you follow the Venus Factor 12 Week Protocol for 'eat up' days regardless of what other diet philosophies you are incorporating into your plan.

3. Where can I find more information on the style of fasting you recommend?

You will likely find that many past successful venus transformations included a specific style of flexible intermittent fasting written by Brad Pilon. His program is called "Eat Stop Eat" - commonly referred to in the forum as "ESE" for short. It's the best resource for all things to do with intermittent fasting and the metabolism of fat loss. I highly recommend it as essential learning and a invaluable tool in this weight loss process. You can find it here: Eat Stop Eat

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